DJ Thera - Diversity Is Key (Part 1) Album

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The man behind Theracords brought out an album! DJ Thera, who is already working for over 10 years in the scene, already brought out two albums before. The album, as the title already says, is all about diversity. The album contains Theracords Classics tracks, as well as solos, collaborations, and remixes. In short: this album contains everything a real Thera(cords) fan should want! Get your collectors item now at!


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  1. B-Front & Thera - R.E.M. Coma (Dj Thera Remix)
  2. T.C.C. - The Reason 
  3. T.C.C. - Never Get Enough 
  4. T.C.C. - Drinks on the House 
  5. Koozah ft MC I See - Legacy Of Tomorrow (Wicked Minds & Dj Thera Remix)
  6. Dj Thera - Strength to Justify 
  7. DHHD - Pain (Dj Thera Remix)
  8. Dj Thera - The Opposition Part 5 
  9. Dj Thera ft Marissa - Far Away 
  10. Dj Thera - Mad Scientist 
  11. Dj Thera - Kaka Poo Poo
  12. Beatfreak - Slick Talk (Dj Thera Remix)
  13. Dj Thera - The Fight 
  14. Caine - Let's Get Pillz (Dj Thera Remix)
  15. Dj Thera & The Purge - Survive 
  16. Yoji Biomehanika - Hardhouse Raver (Dj Thera Remix)
  17. Dj Thera - Hit Me
  18. Bonustrack: Dj Thera - The Art Of Magic (Magic Festival 2018 Anthem)
Dj Thera

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